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Post 3: Google Summer of Code

Introduction Public Lab has been doing a great amount of super inspiring work on improving the standard of science and environmental research in the community through various technologies and tools. The scale of products and softwares that they develop is a thing to reckon with. Also, the community vibe and the friendly nature of the members really helps a lot of beginners to start contributing to their projects. I am really utterly humbled that I got the opportunity to work for Public Lab as a student through the Google Summer of Code Program.

Post 2: Google Summer of Code

Martin Fowler, a Software Design Maestro said - Not all eyes that notice bugs in Open Source code belong to saints who will report or repair them in the interest of the public good. Thus, I tried to take my first step towards being a saintšŸ˜‰ by starting with solving some issues present in the demo of the capture code present in Spectral-Workbench.js. It was really a fun task to do and also helped me to get acknowledged about the codebase of the project.

Post 1: Google Summer of Code 2019

Linus Torvalds said - “I often compare open source to science. To where science took this whole notion of developing ideas in the open and improving on other peoples’ ideas and making it into what science is today and the incredible advances that we have had.“ Indeed, open source is just similar in terms of science if we consider the exchange of ideas, collaboration on research and many other activities and initiatives that take place in both the domains.

DGPLUG Summer Training 2018

Hey everyone, in this blog post, I am going to share my experience of the dgplug summer training that I am a part of. It has been an incredible learning experience till now and I would recommend everyone who wants to be a better programmer or a better Contributor to surely be a part of it. What is dgplug? dgplug is an acronym for Durgapur Linux Users Group and it is a community that supports the use of open source softwares like those based on and for Linux/Unix.

Kickstart Programming

Having completed JEE and school, when one steps in college, he gets a new challenge-PROGRAMMING. If he had a CS background back in college, then it appears somewhat easy but if he had taken Physical Science in his 10+2, it gets a bit tough for him to get acknowledged with programming and its concepts. Thus, having completed my first year of B.Tech, I would like to offer some help to my fellow friends who are going to join college this July with regard to starting with some programming now in this time period i.